Posted on March 21, 2014

Welcome to WorkaholicsMerch! Home of some of the greatest Workaholics Merch on the internet! Check out the bear coat too!

The Workaholics Bear Coat is a well-defined trademark of Blake’s in the show Workaholics. The Bear Coat first appeared in Season One, Episode Two of Workaholics where Adam’s ‘third love’ shows up at a party, and he wants to impress her, even if it means claiming to have season tickets to the Los Angeles Clippers. Blake spends all but 5 dollars of his entire paycheck in order to purchase a Bear Coat, and wears it around the entire episode. Not only is the Bear Coat a trademark of Blake’s, but it blew up in popularity and featured itself on many other products like t-shirts, bobblehead dolls and more. The Bear Coat itself was never around for sale, until now. You can now purchase Blake’s Official Bear Coat online, and do whatever you please with it! Wear it around on Halloween or just wear it to the office. You will attract a ton of attention with it, as well as you won’t have to spend as much as Blake did for his. Any true workaholics fan can appreciate this Bear Coat, as it is a must have.Workaholics t-shirts come in all shapes, colors and sizes and usually contain some of the high end quotes that you hear from the show! Find your favorite quote, and I bet you can find a t-shirt with it on it. Whether it’s a quote from Blake, Adam or Anders, other quotes from other characters are totally out there as well. Other popular scenes have been made onto shirts, like the ‘Free Karl’ t-shirt as well as photos of all of the characters from the show. T-shirts are a great way to show your support for the show, as well as get a good laugh from others when they see your new creative Workaholics tee.Workaholic accessories are a must! Whether its Blake’s famous Bear Coat, or the exact tie that he wears to work, you can never go wrong or have too many accessories! Workaholic accessories grow more and more every year with new content being released, and with more and more fans like yourself latching onto newly aired trends that you can purchase yourself. The show contains countless unique props that you can own yourself, as well as everyday items that you can use in your everyday life. Workaholics’ toys are a number one must for those fans that actually go into work for a 9-5 job. From magnet sets to bobbleheads, these desktop toys will keep you entertain when you want to take a break from the grind and have a little fun. They make perfect gifts for other Workaholic fans as well as just for yourself. Grab some today, and come back and check out the selection as more and more Workaholic toys are added. Workaholics DVDs make awesome gifts as well for true hardcore fans, as it gives them a hard copy of all the memories and laughs that they experienced when watching through all of the seasons of Workaholics. Out of the current four Workaholics seasons, there are currently three seasons on DVD that you can purchase today. Each season has 10 episodes to it, which makes a total of 30 full episodes that you can own a hard copy of.